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Rituals of the Tuatha Dhe

Rituals of the Tuatha Dhe Danaan
In the Tuatha Dhe Danaan there are several Rituals that are performed on a level of Higher Magick and Magicks made Mundane.In the Elder time there was only Six Festivals that encompassed the Seasonal Cycle,Four Fire Festivals and Two Hinge(Henge)Festivals that carries the Moving Earth Energy on its continuous Spiral,through out the Great Wheel of the Year.
The First Festival of the Year is...
Samhain Oct 31st-Nov 2nd Traditionally Nov 9th -Nov 11th
The Celtic Feast of the Dead and the reaffirmation of life.The Season of the Hunt begins with the Ancestor Worship at this time to strengthen the Tribal Soul.The Witches Time of Divination and Communion with the Sidhe and Spirits that roam about at this Celtic New Year.The first of the Great Fire Festivals of the Season also this is known as the Grand Festival.The Mating of the Morrigu and the Dagda plays an integral portrayal in this Fest.and the Rituals are principly a part of this Lore and Mytho's .
Yule Dec 20th-Dec 24th Traditionally called Feill Geimradh
The Ritual of the Suns turning from the longest night of the year and reemerges renewed again upon this Winter Solstice,as the Beosaighit,the Fiery Arrow.the Crown of Light Birthings of the Goddess Brid,that carries the Hidden Light fron the Cailleachs Cauldron from Tir Na naog,back upon the World of Men,as the Womb wakens and the Spark of Brilliance returns to the world.This is a Hinge Fest whense the Darkness Deepens to its utmost and Releases the Light that will come shining forth in the Seasons to come.
Imbolc Feb.Eve - Feb.2nd
The Lady's Day,some called it Candlemas,Imbolc means Ewes-Milk.This is the Fire Festival of the Waxing Light,Whence the Winter snow capped Mountains and blanketed Earth beging the process of Ice-Breaking and the Earths DragonMovement begins to Stir and Quicken a bit more.The God as the SunMatures a Bit and the Goddess as Maiden and Light Bears forth Her own Blossoming Buds to make a more Fertile Earth and Nature.This Festival is Sacred to the Goddess Brid,Three-formed Goddess and Lady of the perpetual Flames that will blaze upon Her Crown and Lay aside Her Nestling Bed.
Beltaine May Eve-May 2nd Traditionally on May 11th -May 14th
Beltaine is the Fire festival that the Celtic Peoples Celebrated the return of the Summers tide and the Energy of the Warmth of Life itself,It was also the Festival that acnowledged the Powers of Death and the OtherWorld Connection at this time.The God aspect becomes the Green lord and Eldritch King of the Sidhe known in the Tuatha by Many Names,and the Goddess's abounding to this the Matron as the Mother of the Sidhe and Nature who's Womb is beginning to Swell with the Seeds teaming with Life.Maiden Queen and Stag Horned Lord Converge and Mate in this Tide of Energy Flowing.This is a Time and Tide of Ancestor Worship again,to Commit to the Healing and Health of the Tribal Soul.
Midsummers June 21st - June 23rd Traditionally known as Feill Samhradh
This is the Summers tide of the Solstice and the Longest Day of the Year.The Hightening Sidhe and the DragonCurrents are more at their Peak at this time of the Year.The Elpham'e Queen and the Forest Lord Prepare for the Season of the Harvesting to Come.Here is where the Tuatha and the Kindred Souls Celebrate theStrongest and the Meriest for the God Lugh Lamfada is at His Zenith and the Glory of the Earth is at Her Utmost.The Magicks of the Season(Pishougue)is mostly worked now and for the rest of the Season to Come.The Wheel of the Year Flourishes at this Hinge tide.
Lughnasad Aug Eve-Aug 2nd Traditionally through the 7th
This is the First Harvest and the Games of Lugh ,The Hero's portion was meet at this time and the Bannock loafs gleamed brightly,and the Sun Lord gives of His Might and Strength Dancing in the Fields until the Sickle raths the Stalk from the Root.The Queen of the Harvest gives upon Herself the First Waifing and theBundles of Wheat,Oats and Barley remain upon Her Womb as the Cord Cut to reveal the Life within Her.Thisis also the Time o the TellTown Games the Might of Champions and Hero's(and Heroines)to prove their mettleas the Whell turns to another Season.
Then the Wheel turns itself back unto Samhain again,the Equinoxes were not celebrated by the Celtic People until the Saxons brought it to England.
Soon these Rituals of the Tuatha will be unto there entirety on these pages,so please forgive the Under construction term.Until then The Rite will also Be listed at...
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