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Rituals within the Stones

Rituals within the Stones
Traditionally,any form of Magick and Ritual was performed in the DragonStone Circle,also known as a Faerie Ring,Which was considered Geis(taboo)for any outsider that was not a part of the Initiates,or the Elder WiseOnes to tread within.Also this helped to preserve the Energy as Clean and Pure for those present who had and still does have the Wisdom to weald it properly.
In the Tuatha Traditions it is common for One to Begin a path with Faith to Gain Experience so as to learn Wisdom from Knowledge Applied,Not in all Traditions is this True but usually in the Sidhe Tuatha Dhe Danaan it is so.So as the Journey(Imramma) begins so does it Signal the Otherworldly Goddess's and Gods that One is about to embark on the Spiraling Path Home.The Circle of DragonStones also is Symbol of the Life to Life ever-returning ever-renewing..
The DragonStones or the Touta is the Energy of the Goddess's and Usually but not always Lunar and Moon,but remember the Great Goddess Brid is a Goddess of the Sun and Fire,but usually called upon in the Rituals of the Moon and the Sacred Trees of the Year,The Ogham Ring,This is the Power of the Bansidhe the Dryad in Physical form that is Dana as Earth-Steward upon Herself.
Soon Each of the Rituals and their Magick will appear on these pages,but for now the list will suffice whilst the Page is under construction.To know the keys of the Tuatha and the Picts it is hidden in these Mysteries of the Trees and Oghams,to Delve and to Seer,To know and to Witch,To Flow and to Scry,to Bond the Magick Made most Dear!
The Path of the Trees,Moons,and the Rituals within the Stones.
Birch Moon Dec-24th-Jan 20th Capricorn
Rowan Moon Jan21st-Feb 17th Aquarius
Ash Moon Feb18th-March 17th Pisces
Alder Moon March18th-April14th Aries
Willow Moon April15th-May12th Taurus
Hawthorn Moon May13th-June9th Gemini
Oak Moon June10th-July7th Cancer
Holly Moon July8th-Aug4th Leo
Hazel Moon Aug5th-Sept1st Virgo
Vine Moon Sept2nd-Sept29th Libra
Ivy Moon Sept30th-Oct27th Scorpio
Reed Moon Oct28th-Nov24th Sagittarius
Elder Moon Nov25th-Dec23th Capricorn
Each of the Magick and Ritual of these are quite vast,and leaves much room for development and unfolding within the Tradition bounderies set down by the Elders and even beyond that,unto the Tuatha themselves.
New Beginnings
Enchantment and Protection
Warding and Power
Banashing and Changes
Ending and Clearing
all Magicks of the Faerie
Strength and Pishoughe
Life and Gain
Renewing the Spiral
Otherworld Journeys
Strife and Hallowing
Completes the Cycles of Magicks
These meanings are extremely basic and more will be filled in and worked with the Rituals themselves.And One may venture forth into the Net to...
Grimoire of the Dragon
Where the Rituals will also soon appear in their entirety,The Grimoire is NOT my site but a collaboration of Many for the Education and Preservation the the Old Religion and the Ways.