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Faeries Fold of Glamoury

Faerie's Fold of Glamoury
So it has been said that Faerie Glamoury or Pishougue of the Sidhe is not but an Illusion so Overwhelming that in can beguile the senses of Mortal Man.I was Taught that Glamour was another name of Magick of the Faerie and it was as potent as Nature itself.If Fact that Glamour was considered to be a Higher form of Magick than Pishougue by the Tuatha.This also involved Milk,preferably Ewes Milk,Churned Butter and other essential ingredients,like Herbs,Candle wax,and Much more.
Yes,the Power of the Tuatha and the Sidhe was not only the Power of Light but balanced with thePower of Darkness,(not evil)The Eminationof the Goddess as Crone and Darksome Lady.The Conjuror,Witch,and the Power of Toad and Serpent is as Strong as it was in Elder Days.All of this falls under the Power of the Glamoury of the Faerie.
The Faerie Fold uses the might of the Elements in most of the Work they do.Either in Religious Magick or Glamoury.This Energy is tied to the Otherworldly Realm as as well as here,the World of Form.And the Tools of the Crafts of the Tuatha Dhe and Nature Herself Works and Weaves itself into the Threads of the Knotwork Patterns that is the Umbilical Cord of the Goddess to each of Her Children,Either Younger or Tuatha.
Much of the Faerie Glamour was done with the Moon,the Dryad influence,and with the Colors as a Magick and Potent Energies to make a Magick Manifest.This is the Way of the Picts and the Influence of Other Forms of Magick in the Isles of the Mighty at the Time of 1800 BCE even to as far as the Viking Invaders to the Irish War.
E mail Me and I will send you the Color listings of the Tuatha.
There is so much to the Glamoury of the Tuatha it would be almost impossible to list it all here,But I will say that the Development and Practice of the Faerie will make the Glamoury much more potent and alive.If you e mail me I will send you what I have on Glamoury,or other references,and I also plan on teaching this Online for free,all that is needed is your time.
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