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Spell and Book and Sacred Flame

Spell and Book and Sacred Flame
As in times of the Tales of Old,The history and Mythos of the Pretanic peoples that came and settled to the Emerald Isles,made no bones about their Hero's and Heroines.Gods and Goddess's.The Magick of Spells and Rituals of both Healing and Battle was thePassion of the Celts and Picts.This is the Seanachi(storyteller)that spewed forth the Old Tales and songs over the Sacred fires that Illuminated the Woods a Haunted and Fairy Hills.
Each of the Cycles of the Pretanic People came from other sources in the B.C.E. Eras.The Mythological Cycle came first that influenced the Celtic mind,art and thought.The Ulster Cycle that mixes the Heroics and Myths of the Tuatha Dhe Danaan,The Fenian Cycle of the Fin MacCool and the Fianna was of the Faerie and changing cycle of the Tuatha in the Buried Mounds as the Sidhe.and the Historical Cycle is the account,but not accurate of the Conqueror Races and the Kingships that ensued amongst the Peoples of the Erie.
The Pretanic Picts of the Isles believed in the Magick of Pishougue,Glamoury and the Rituals of the Seasons,there belief was of the Might and Power of the Universe Flows through theTree of Trees.a Hallowed Tree that sits by the LoughGur on the Banks and the Power of the Tuatha and Sidhe is Connected to the World Tree by the Power of Ain'e the Maiden Enchantress that is upon the Waters of the Lough,continually brushing Her Hair,as a Maiden of the Swan awaiting the Magick by Tree and Shore.
Upon each of the branches bare a story and mytho's that is the root and soul of the Celtic Culture and each in its own way how it formed in the Spiral of Time,that each of the Bards and Seanachi kept the Wisdom and Will of the Picts alive.The Trunk of the Tree is the Roots of Flaming Tips that is the Immrama,or the Sacred Journey,whence the Soul Rides the Gales of the Inbetween into Otherworldly Manifestations,and the Holy Mists arise about the World Tree,enfolding its bounty in the Hiddeness and Mystery of the Realms of the Sidhe and the Gods and Goddess's of the Underworldly Depths.So the Journey is the Mind-Spell with the Knowledge as the Book and the Fires of the Circle are the Sacred Flame as the Journey begins and Ends.So it is Life to Life,Circle to Circle,ever continuing ever anon.
As the Tuatha Dhe Danaan came across the Waters from the Four Faerie Cities Gorias,Finias,Murias,Falias,
Taught by the Four Poets or Wizards in all the ways of the Magickal Arts.
The came and cast Darkmist and Falling Fire upon the Heads and reason of the Ruling Race of the Isle at the Time of their arrival.Thus started the War of Mag Tureadh(Moy Turah)and upon which the Tuatha took a hold of the power of land and Earthly Manifestation of that which is In tedrated as thought and action combined in the inbetween spaces.
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