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Lores of theDragonStones

Lores of the DragonStones
About the Mists and the Faerie light exumed from the embers of Time and Space,amongst the Sun and Moon,Stars and the Earth as the Goddess Dana,theLores of the DragonStones begins to emerge.Circle Casting for space Sacred and Holy,for Ritual and Magicks that evolved from the Celtic Soul of the Picts.
The DragonStones are the Boundery Marked by the Circles of Stone upon the Great Mother Earth and the DragonLines of energy movement as the Underwater Currents entwine and Cross to make Power points upon the Crust of the Mantle and Spine of the Dragon(Earth)
The Lore of the Elder Ones given Dominion by the Sidhe Tuatha Themselves Inbued with symbol and Stone the Secrets of the Knotwork Shapes and the ever continuous lines that enfold inbetween and with each other.
The Shapes of Symbols begins to sing the Might of the Lore in its Form captures the Power and emulation of the Tuatha and the Sidhe.Just like a Charm,Talisman,Amulet,or any kind of Pishougue that weaves the Energy and Makes a Tale of Lore,which was usually recited over the Magick or DragonStones to give them strength from the Tuatha and the Heros and Heroines.Such as...
Every Circle of Stone was considered connected to the Earth,Sun,Moon,Stars,and the Otherworld,The followers of the Tuatha Dhe Danaan would sing,and Chant to each of the Stones and the Dryads would wash them with Milk and Water and then the Elders would Smoor them with Willow(smoldering) to redden them,so to prepare the DragonStones for the Rituals that would lay awaiting in the Mists
The Circle of DragonStones is the Mundane point of all other endeavors of the Tuatha and Magick of the Picts,This was more of a home for theElders than a Dwelling,except the Underground Brugh of the Pict.A Circle of Hallowed and Concentrated Energy was always used for the Good of all,The DragonLines connect withthe Psychic Soul Energy of the People and the Stirrings begins to awaken the Dragon that Slumbers underneith the Round of Stone.The Hidden point of where all the Realms of the Otherworld and here combine and weave through the Mist and Circle.
The Circle becomes the Celtic Cross also known as the Picts Cross,and equaled armed Cross that represents the Elements and theFour Faerie Cities and the boundery of the DragonStone Ring thus the Picture above becomes this...
Gorias,East and the Realm of Air
Falias,North and the Realm of Earth Finias,South and the Realm ofFire
Murias,West and the Realms of Water
And the Center of the DragonStones is thePort of the Spirit and the Underworld,all connected and flows from one road to the next.So any comination of the Four Faerie Cities can cross over to the next Elementto be able to encompass the Sidhe,Tuatha,Spirit in Manifestation,then the Circle of DragonStones becomes this...
The Mingling of the Elements and the Sacred Stones becomes the Holy Power of Mist and Light,it also becomes the Circle and the Nemeton(Sacred Square)both as one,surrounded by the Flames of Life and Regents of the Sidhe and Gentry all about here where the Magick and Rituals were and still is made!
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