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Pagan Poetry and Prose

Pagan Poetry and Prose
As in most aspects of the Tuatha Dhe Danaan,the Might of the Holy Sidhe was a universal part of Music and Poetic Prose.This combined itself into a fluid Magick,also called Pishoughe that the Tuatha had achieved at the Four Quarters,the Faerie Cites of Gorias,Finias,Murias,Falias.
The Great Goddess Brid and the Mighty God Aengus both known for the aspiring Poetry and Verse that spawns the Creative Life-force and makes itself manifest in the Rustling of the Trees and the sound of the River flowing along thewater lines and theEarth and Hallowed Mother ,pounds in tune with Her great Heart Pulse.
Tis the Goddess Brid,Patron of Bards and Druids and Witch alike is this page dedicated,and the Poetic Verse here is my own,and in no way reflects of ancestral origin.This is reserved for a later page...
Invocation to the Goddess Brid
Dawn light holds a Mysty tear,that which falls from the Sun,
Morn-Dew Charms the wakening Sidhe,from Slumbers Hold ,
Flame Haired Woman of Enchantments Forge,
Kindles the Flickering Spark of the Hearth.
Holding all in Her Mantle Bright!
Bright Lady,Charm the Glowing Morning,
Great Daughter of the Good God,
Stirring the Golden Glow of the Kettle
about the Churling Wood.
Hail Ye Goddess of the Circles Three,
Cast thy Gaze down upon this Hillock
and Warm the Will with the Desires-Flame.
I who am upon One knee bent afore Thee,
My tongue is shaped at thy Wise forge,
My soul wanders the DreamHenge of Changes,
I am ripe and bare that thy Light has made me Heal.
Brid,O beloved Brid,Dagdas Daughter,
Filler of the Shamrocks of holy green,
As I breathe yet another day,
Thy Cross of the Sidhe,Glows upon my Brow,
and before Thy Altar I kneel,
and Upon Thy Wise Forge I Lay,
Hail Ye,Keeper of the Tuatha,
Holy Ancestral Mother,
Witch Woman,Enchantress Seer,
Lady of the Cat and Boar,
Mistress of the Fairy Brugh,
As In all my Lives I must know Thee,
For Naught else may I have a want!
Luminous Light that crests the Rays of Thy Brow,
I beseech as in the Elder Days,
Protect My path from the Fomorian Hosts,
Keep Our Mantle Clean and Bright,
Let Thy Light of the Sun,
Dawn break to where Thy Cloak manes alight.
May thy Presence be,Blessed One of the Holy Sidhe,
and Guard Me from the twist turns in the Road.
Aye,and so it is,thy kiss has made the Hands that Heal,
Thy Touch hast Illumined My Mind and Soul,
I am the Cup-Holder ,Fill me with Thy Dreams,
and Flow the Aguar about me,
Hawk,and Raven,and Salmon and Boar!
I am the Shaft,Ye art the Flaming Head,
I am the Mound,Ye art the Plough-tool,
I am the Wheat and Ye art the Life-Flame,
I am the Witch-Calling,Ye art the Holy Queen,

Goddess and Lady,Spew forth Thy Flame Perpetual,
The Light that casts no shadow in its course and wake,
Kell-Woman,Warrior-Witch,Tender to the Hearth,
To Thee do I tongue my Prayers,
In Circles and Groves and Fields Faire,
In no wise shant I ever retreat Thee,
Lady Luminous of my Life,
My betoken and Love,
this Spell of Chant and Muse to Ignite,
Thy Presence Here,Fill the Task
as a cask to the Brim- all,
I who am thine do call Thee,
O Wonderous Woman,Goddess Beloved,
Lady of the Tuatha,Hear Me!
Goddess of the Flame,Entreat Me!
Holy Woman that No Man may Forget,Empower Me!
Beloved ofthe Brow,Enlighten Me!
Charmer of Words,Encompass Me!
Hallower of the Sidhe,
Conjuror of the Fates,
Lady that no other may Deny Thee,
I speak the Spell of Words make true,
Forge them complete,Manifest them deep,
Into the World of Sidhe and Man
With Wind and Fire,
Water and Earth,
Holy Womb of All,
Bring Thee this Forth....
Now Speak aloud that which ye desire,with candle lit,and Altar aglow,and pour a drink of milk for the Sidhe,and this Invocation will serve ye well!
This Page is under construction with much more poetry and Invocations to come!