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Ancestral Spirals,Witches of the Stones

Ancestral Spirals,
Witches of the Stones
This Page is Dedicated to The Goddess's and Gods of the Tuatha Dhe Danaan,and to all the Witches of the Stones who are the Spirits of the Long Departed,for We Remember the Burnings,and to the Rebirth of the Elders and Warriors who Carry the Torch of the Fight and to all those Who Stand amongst the Stones...Failt'e and Blessed Be!!!
To the Freedom Fighters...of Mag Turead of Days of Old,
To the Freedom Fighters of the World Today...
To those who Stand as ONE VOICE...Hail to you ALL!
For as the Undry that would never Feed a Coward,and to the Hero's Portion of the Meat,that had to been earned by Feat and Deed and Mettle...
These Witches of the Stones Will Never Hunger before the Undry and Will Never Thirst Before the Well...
The Whispering Stones
The Witches Voice
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