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Crossroads,Crosswinds,and Whispering Stones

Crossroads,Crosswinds,and the Whispering Stones
CrossRoads at the Millenium Old Days and the New
From the Ancestral Times of the Tuatha and their reign over the Emerald Isle,up until the present day,The Might of the Tuatha stands as the Post of the Witch and Druid,for the Hidden Children of Her Today.are as scattered from Seas shore to Sea shore,across HerLovely Crust.The Times express the After Times of Persecutions and the rebuilding of those who have the Souls of Heroines and Hero's that forged and make complete the stuff of Mytho's that the Picts and Seanchai Love so well.
We are at a Crossroads In time preparing to enter the new Millenium,Crossroads that are Sacred to the Goddess as Crone.To end the thread of Time as a Strand to begin anew with a new weaved Strand.Thisis remnant of the Energy of the Battle of Mag Turead,and the Victory of the Tuatha Dhe and the Efforts of the Gods to Overcome the Fomorian Hosts that are the Powers of Chao's and Spiritual Decay.
The Might of the Hidden Crossroads are the Conjuration of a Magick Needing rebirth,a Healing Time for the Ancestor Sidhe that are Roaming the Portals at the Festival Tides.
ThePower has Passed from the Mother of Light,to the Crone of the Viels of Mystery,for the Tuatha and Its need for the Sidhe to be reborn is Forged of the times of Ignorance,the Modern DayDark ages that is Killing the Great Mother
The Time of the Tuatha to Gather Is Coming Near....
Crosswinds and the Will of the Tuatha at the Well of Change
As Above,So Below is the Call of the Modern day Tuatha,It is believed that every thing She touchs changes,and to this Wisdom it is to be sure.The Winds of Change are upon the World,either of our own doing or Otherwoldly interaction by and With the Deity of the Tuatha,that is ushering forth Their Healing Song upon the Realm of Man again.
The Harp of the Dagda plays its Strains for the DragonCurrents of the CrossingWinds and the Trends are Reaping the Heroines and Hero's again from the Past back upon this Day in this Age.The Truth of Her Rebirth is in the Actions of the Souls that Carry Her Strength and Love,Compassion and Resolve,Nurturing and Battle-Kin forth unto Her Old Religion again.
Again the Call goesout into the Great World Tree and the Souls of ManyPaths arise to Her Callings and Summoning Forth to Defend Her Land and Spirit,to Show Truth of Her Mettle with the Light of the Power of the Tuatha Dhe Danaan again on a new Plain of Mag Turead,Our Right to Live Free and Worship Her as we Choose for She Is Our Mother and We will Not Be Ripped from Her by those of Lesser Intent and Love Lost new Souls.A Call that many who are standing at the Crosswinds have heard and answered whether of the Tuatha or Not.The Time of the Tuatha is now at Hand...
The Whispering Stones
In the Time of the Elder Tuatha Dhe Danaan,the Whispering Stones was the very DragonStone Circle itself.A place of Protection and Hiddeness,a Land and Realm of the Inbetween Spaces of the Elements and the Tuatha Sidhe(People of Peace)It the Todays Times,the DragonStone Circles Mean the same except the definition has become lost in the hands of the ones who choose to displace the Ancient Lore and Religions.
The Whispering Stones is still a symbol of santuary and Need for the True to be Held in Her Mighty Fingers that raise up upon the Spine of the Age-Old Dragon.
The Whispering Stones is now a place where the Tuatha and those of other Pagan and Wiccan Faiths and beliefs may gather and are able to learn,worship,relate to each other,and to begin the long struggle that brings the Ancient Souls together as ONE VOICE,to Stand as a Ring ofStones and Fight the Needful Warriors Ways to bring the Might of Freedom to those of us who wish only to live in peace and to walk along others in our beautiful Realm that the Goddess gave Both of Us to Live in Together.The Whispering Stones and all who are a part of it,by no matter what name we are called are the Stones in the Fields of Old that must now Illumine the World with our efforts and endeavors.We are the Souls of the Tuatha and We Will Not Be Burned Again!!!
We who are the Tuatha now are upon the Whispering Stones...
For Those of you who are of the Tuatha and are seeking the Guidance of the Whispering Stones,and to those who are not Tuatha but are seeking anyway..go to...
The Whispering Stones
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