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Goddess's of the Triskele

Goddess's of the Triskele
Many of the Goddess's of the Tuatha Dhe Danaan are in a Three-Folded Aspect,Not Just Maiden,Mother,Crone, But Other aspects such as Light Maiden of the Sidhe,Sun-Mother of Fire and Illumination,and Earth Mother.This can also constitute a TriQuerta,an enfolding symbol that entwines and Weaves the Threads together as a Triangle or Trine of Energy and Power working Separately but Together as a Trine of Combined Manifestation unto all of Creation.
The Aspects of the Goddess's of the Triskele are quite vast,so vast that much research and attuning would be needed to fulfill this task,in any form.
The Goddess's Ain'e,Brid,and Dana as a Triskele
Dana as the Goddess and Birther of the Crafts and Golden weaver of the Threads of Life,who In Her own way extends Her Light and Power to Ain'e,Bright Maiden and Enchantress that weaves the Web Further into Manifestation which uopn Her Energy Blossoms and Flows Forth into the Aspect of Magick as the Goddess Brid.
Mother and Sister Bond in the Trine as the Near Perfect Function as the Flame of Birth,Flame of Life,Flame of Illumination.One must have all three to be complete.
The Three Brids or the Goddess Triana
The Tuatha Goddess of the Fates,the Weaver,Measurer,and Cutter of the Strand of life.The Strand that the Holy Goddess Dana gives to Her Creation through Herself.Three Brids,Worker of theWays,Forger of the Smithing,and revealer of the Cauldron of renewal.The Goddess as Triana is the three Anas,(Danas)Goddess as Horse,Cow and Wolf,also in Her Truine Aspect..the Goddess of the Moon as Maiden,Sun Goddess, and Earth Grand Mother.
She is the Expression of that which we cannot live without,The Elements and the three fold anchor of the Trine that makes all things manifest into the Material plane.
The Morrigu
This Three fold Aspect of the Goddess is sometimes best left alone,to call on Her In one form maybe but all three can lead to harmful and disastrous results in Magick and Life Course.
The Morrigu is the Goddess Nemain,BovCatha,and Macha,the aspects of Fury,Venom,and Death by Cursing.and not necessarily in that order.This Aspect of the Goddess can become easily angered and the Power of RedRage and Nightmares are Hers to reveal as She Wishes
Yet none theless She is still a part of the Tuatha In all of Her Glory nomatter what Her Powers of Position.She in Her Three fold aspect is the Blood-Ravens of the Battle Field,and Her Crowings are Louder than a Thousand Death Drums beating.Her aspect is of War,yet Peace,Death yetLife,Ravager and Creator,Goddess Complete..
When one begins to concentrate and meditate on the Triskele,The sensation of attuning withthe Goddess as Three-Fold Lady's begins to heighten into being.You may feel their Energy spiraling forth into the symbol and renews itself outward again.The Aspect of Her in the Three Realms of Life and Mystery that She has Created,and the Talisman of who and what we are appears upon the Flame on our Head,and the Light of our Souls,We are Tuatha Dhe Danaan,of the Blood of the Sidhe,and the Triskele leads us back home.
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